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Mimpiku lebih dari khayal seksual dengan pertanda perut yang membuncit. Mimpiku lebih dari penetrasi dangkal terbantu tangan. Mimpiku lebih dari cukup setelah jemari ada di pipi berbuah kecup, peluh dan desah, keluh dan kesah. Mimpiku cukup merindukanmu.

Lol hi from 2016
This is kool -Ed

Youobd2 blog
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Argh Not The Pony
Girl you don't know your worth
Since I last wrote, I did my last ever three days in the library, the last of which consisted of me being highly unproductive, giving it the middle finger as I left and buying a soya strawberries and cream frappuccino instead because the awful white girl inside me can never be fully vanquished On Monday I had my last exam and now I have finished all undergraduate work forever which is not as terrifying as I thought it might be; and the exam went OK so that was good. Afterwards, we went to Pizza Express - me, Eline, Nour, Mary, Louisa, Camilla, Viktor, Heidi and Emilie, and later Kathrine and Camilla's friend Roxanne joined us and we went to a lovely pub on Shoreditch High Street called the Crown and Shuttle - it had an amazing bit of garden with fairy lights that was secluded and high above the rest of the garden and we sat there and it was very fitting and lovely and I'm glad I did that instead of going out out tbh On Tuesday I went to Westfield with Nour and Camilla and bought... (more)

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